Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm in Bologna, and that's no baloney

Sorry about the title. I just couldn't resist.
You know - they actually serve ground bologna on the menus around here. Truth is, I'm fairly sure I'm not going to try it.
I have not had time for postings in past couple of days. The city of Bologna is amazing. I have been walking everywhere. I arrived yesterday at 4:00pm, checked into the hotel and explored the city until midnight. After 10, I found myself in the university district. Lively is not the word for it.
I returned to my hotel about 1am.

This morning, I was out by 10:00am. Wandered the streets again. I went back to some of the churches that were locked last night. I spent a wonderful hour in the Cathedral of San Petronius. That is where I decided to do the Holy Hour during Gerry Duquette's funeral. It was a peaceful time, reflecting on the many things that we shared over the past 20 years.

I came back to the hotel for a bit of rest. It's now 7:40pm. I am about to head out for dinner. I went on line and found a listing for the oldest "osteria" in Bologna. Osteria de Poeti". It has been in continuous operation since the 16th century. I'm going to take the chance to get a table.

There will be more to post in the next couple of days. This past Friday, I took the "Scavi" tours - that is the excavations of the tomb of Peter under St. Peter's Basilica. That was one of the most amazing experiences of the sabbatical so far. More to come.