Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Drive to Torino

I got the camera to download properly, but the photos from yesterday's posting are still lost in computer limbo. I will continue to work on it because those photos with the Garde's are worth seeing.
M. et Mme. Garde, je suis desole que les photos de notre belle soiree a la cote de Marseille ne fonctionne pas. Alors, je vous les envoie par e-mail.

Now onto the drive to Torino.

This is what parts of France looks like.
Most people think of France as roling hills covered with grape vines, sunflower fields, and acres of lavender. Here is another view of France - at the Italian border in the southeast. This is the road - 200 Kms long from Menton, the eastern most city on the the French riviera, as it travels north back into Italy towards Torino.

Here are some other views.

The road follows this stream through this gorge for nearly 50 km.
The town of Tende. Any relatively flat space usually has a small town built on it. This is Tende, the largest town on the route north on the E74. Tende is famous for the tunnel through the mountain named the Tended tunnel. It is 15km long, or approximately 11 miles.
This is the view back down the valley taken while I was waiting for my  turn to enter the tunnel. It is a one-way travel. Cars and small trucks have to wait in line for the light to change letteing you pass through. The wait was about 20 minutes with about 30 cars ahead of me.
More of Torino later today. What a beautiful city!